Routines and habits: Why are they important?

We all have some routines and habits that we do every day or every week. Often, these are done rather unconsciously, and we become more aware of them when we feel that something needs to change in our life and we are not getting the results we want.

When do you start working? How do you work? What is your working environment? When is your most effective time to work and what do you focus on during this period? What do you do during the first 90 minutes of your working day?

Once in a while, it’s good to take some time and reflect on your habits. What habits are great and working for you and therefore, good to keep? Which ones are stopping you from achieving your results? And what new habits would be helpful to bring into your life?

Habits are ways and approaches that you have got used to doing. It can often happen that they become so ingrained that you stop questioning them and just say that that’s how you have always done things. Your brain can be rewired, and you can learn new ways of doing things if you remain open.


Social media can be the cause of some major distractions to your working achievements and getting things done by the deadline. How much time do you spend on your phone? Are you constantly responding and reacting? Is your phone the first thing that you check when you wake up? Can you devote a specific hour in your day to checking social media, so that you are the one who controls when you respond? What can you do differently?

Despite how things might look you are totally in control of what you do during the day and where your time goes. You choose your priorities and the time you want to devote to them.

If you decide to change a habit or a routine – allow yourself some time for this. Change takes time, so accept that there is a transition period when things might feel awkward and rather difficult. The trick is to stay with it, keep working with the new routine, keep building a new framework and remain consistent with the little steps that you do. They will move you forwards and soon the ‘new’ routine will become part of your day and create a new structure – and with it a new path - helping you to achieve your results.

Let me know about one habit that works for you and one new habit that you would like to introduce to your working week!