What energises you?

All of us have some goals in life, dreams that we want to achieve, experiences that we want to have and places we want to visit. Often the focus can be so much on the work, doing things, planning for the next steps, the next project and making things happen that you totally forget about what gives you energy. You might stop only in the moment when you feel exhausted and your energy levels are low. You know that something needs to change - but what?


You might be in the right job using your strengths but the way you work doesn’t work. Or you need more flexible working hours or a different environment for work or you need to re-arrange your workload to address the way you feel. Maybe you need a different role entirely. However, maybe what you need is to start doing more things that bring you energy.  What gives you energy is very important. It’s the fuel that allows you to take the next step and actually enjoy the whole process.

That activity usually also relates to your skills and passions; and you are normally quite good at it. This means that when you do it you get into the zone where time passes by quick and you are totally immersed in the activity. You could do it all day and still go on.

These kinds of activities are important not just because you relax when you do them but also because they bring you to the present moment. Examples include running, drawing, painting, singing, volunteering for an activity or organisation that you care about, photographing, writing, walking in the nature, reading…

We are at our best when we are in the present moment when the focus is on an activity in such a way that our thinking slows down.

Pause for a little while and think about what gives you energy. Are these things part of your every week and do you do them regularly? If not – how can you change it?

As for today - do one thing that energises you and see what happens!