Are you curious?

When you were a kid you were most probably curious about things, you wanted to explore, look at stuff closer. Everything new was exciting, magic and worth having a look!


As we get older we create our routines which if unquestioned and not reflected upon can stop our creativity and bring more autopilot behaviour to our lives. Being curious and creative somehow goes together. It is also curiosity that helps us to be mindful and more in the moment. When something captures our attention, we are fully focused on exploring what’s ahead of us.

In addition to my coaching, I also teach children karate at a local primary school. It’s a small group of 4-6 years old. At the start, it was a learning curve for me but once I understood their world a little bit more and realised how creative they are and how their imagination is fully used with all they do, I have been able to do some great work with them. They have no problem to visualise anything in a moment, e.g. sitting cross-legged on a beach smelling the sea and focusing on their breath. They can vividly see the colours. And as one of them said at the end of the exercise: ‘The sea was so blue!’

When we get older we lose our imagination and as it has been shown in numerous research projects by the time we get to our twenties our creativity is minimal (if we haven’t been encouraged to keep using it!) in comparison to when we were children.  

Have you always wondered how something feels? Did you want to go somewhere particular to see a play, visit a museum, travel to a place or talk to somebody? Do it. It will bring ‘fresh air’ to your life and uplevel your existence. It is these moments that bring joy into everyday life.

What are you curious about today?

Is there anything creative you can do?

Magic is all around us. Start paying more attention to it, slow down and allow yourself to be an explorer on your own journey. Give it a go – it’s worth it!